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Fun Times with Reaper Miniatures!


Mini-Me Part 2.... Never content to rest on their laurels, Reaper further developed their ‘Demented Artist’ miniature line for GenCon 2006. The original sculpt (above) was used and modded into fiendish variant forms by Bobby Jackson. Once again, Michael Genet did a splendid paint job whilst righteous Ron Hawkins headed up the conspiracy. Thanks again, guys. Check out the Viking and Samurai versions here!




Mini-Me Part 1... The good folks at Reaper Miniatures ( had a major surprise lined up for me at GenCon Indy 2005. Master Sculptor Bobby Jackson had taken the caricatured wallpaper images from my old website’s biography page and transformed it into a very precise 3D Mini-Me. The figure was finished off with a skilful paint job by Michael Genet. A big Thank You to Reaper Minis for this big-hearted surprise.


*Don’t look at me. That’s how hedgehogs spell ‘cake’.

Reaper Minis present… Echidnox and the Legion of Justice and Caeke*

Platypod - Platypus Mage

Shoatima - Otter Ranger                      Frummity - Lemur Cleric

Echidnox, hedgehog hero, and his mighty band of woodland friends...  This series of limited edition miniatures was released by Reaper throughout 2009 – 2011. Proceeds from the sales of these minis were donated to the charity Childs Play ( The minis are sculpted by Jason Weibe, with text below courtesy of Ron Hawkins:


Join Echidnox and his mighty band of Woodland friends. Together they form the Legion of Justice and Caeke,  as they defend the powerless, right grievous wrongs, and enjoy a tasty morsel of caeke every now and then.


We’ve all been introduced to the mighty Echidnox, hedgehog hero. The next of our woodland friends on deck is Platypod, the platypus mage. An evolutionary riddle wrapped in a conundrum, served with a side of enigma, Platypod’s origins are shadowy at best. Once thing is for sure, when he gets the sparkly jazz hands going, his enemies are sure to turn and run.

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