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Deth Killers 2000 T-shirt Design: The Battle of Yankee Stadiums

‘The Battle of Yankee Stadiums’ was a piece of artwork commissioned by Deth Killers 2000 for ‘Des Kiraz Volume One’, a limited edition series of t-shirts. Each t-shirt comes as part of a set, packaged in a plastic video game box with trading cards and poster.


'The Battle of Yankee Stadiums’ was the first in a series of 10 designs. It depicts an apocalyptic sci-fi motorcycle battle for an alternative universe Yankee Stadium. All of the bikes and combatants are varied in appearance and dress, appearing to have arrived from different points in history and from the future.


Click on the tee for a link to Deth Killers 2000


The year is 2019. A nebulous apocalyptic event, occurring in 2008, has left Yankee Stadium and its partially constructed twin stadium in a state of disrepair. NYC of 2019 is owned by future motorcycle gangs, fighting turf wars throughout the boroughs. The biggest battle yet is on the field of the old Yankee Stadium, with hundreds of participants, both human and animal, waging a surreal and bloody thunderdome-style motorcycle battle for survival. All the bikes and combatants have all come to this place from various points in history and from the future...Joining forces in order to fight a more serious threat. It makes very little sense we know, but it looks awesome on a t-shirt!



WAYNE REYNOLDS is British and loves to drink beer as do all British people. He always says beer stuff. His initials are WAR, which spells war and is also a drinking game I used to play with my grandfather when I was a little kid. Whoever said you shouldn’t give a monkey a baseball bat clearly hasn’t met Wayne Reynolds. We like Wayne a lot, if I were 20 years younger I'd invite him over for a sleepover. We could build a fort. But not now. Now my wife sleeps over all the time and there is no room for forts.

Text below courtesy of Greg Minnig/Deth Killers 2000:

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